Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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They say that marijuana is natural, calms one down, and gives a good satisfying feeling. They also say that marijuana is not as dangerous as Marijuana is a huge issue in today society. With the new liberal government in place, Trudeau takes an irrational lead in legalizing marijuana. Marijuana contains an active ingredient, THC, which is responsible for the psychological effects of marijuana. The THC binds to the receptors in the brain and influence one’s memory, concentration, mood etc. If marijuana is already a nuisance in today, while it is illegal imagine the danger that come from the legalization of marijuana. Personally, I knew people in high school, who would smoke marijuana during normal school . In class, they would always being…show more content…
The use of marijuana should remain illegal due to its dangers on social safety, the dangers of people’s health, and the effects on young individuals.

The use of marijuana has injurious health effects, and the injurious health effects are a severely barrier with the legalization of marijuana in Canada, and will continue influence Like alcohol, the use of marijuana is addictive, “8.9% of cannabis users would become dependent at some time in their life.” (Lopez-Quinterio et al, 2011). This contradicts the claim made by several marijuana users is that it is not addictive. In 2014, 4.176 million individuals were found to abuse or be dependent on the drug. Of those 4.176 million individuals that abuse and/or drug, only 138,000 people were voluntarily seeking treatment for their addiction. Another popular belief of regular users is that marijuana is natural and safe. During pregnancy, the use of marijuana leads to increased risks of brain and behaviour problems in babies. Furthermore, traces of THC can be found in breast milk, which when fed to child, can lead to psychological and behaviour problems. Long term mental illnesses linked to marijuana include, hallucinations, paranoia, and even further, schizophrenia. Marijuana also causes damage to the heart. “The moment that THC enters your system, your heart rate surges, and your blood pressure levels swing”. Furthermore, “up to a five-fold increase in
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