Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Medical Marijuana Today, more than 20 states are currently approving the use of Medical Marijuana. Gathering statistical data from Gallup Politics in 2013, 58% of Americans say the drug Marijuana should be legalized, for the first time ever recorded. Gallup had first asked the question of legalization in 1969, when only 12% favored legalization. Had I been included in the study, I likely would have been for the legalization. Medical Marijuana had been used for centuries prior to it becoming illegal, and it is important to know what decided the illegalization of medical marijuana, whether there is currently a benefit of treatment with medical marijuana, and the regulation of Marijuana. The manner in which marijuana became illegal is enough to make any supporter cringe. While researching why marijuana became illegal in the first place, I found that Harry J. Anslinger was appointed as the first President of the Bureau of Narcotics in 1930. After realizing opiates and cocaine would not be enough to help build his new agency, he then latched on to marijuana and started to work on making it illegal on a federal level. He had the assistance of William R. Hearst, owner of a huge chain of newspapers, who had invested heavily in the timber industry to support his newspaper chain and did not want to see the development of hemp paper in competition. They were supported by DuPont Chemical Company and various pharmaceutical companies in the effort to outlaw marijuana. DuPont had

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