Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Kush, Pot, Weed, Mary Jane, marijuana is known by many names. Americans perceive marijuana as an awful drug. But have americans discovered that marijuana has be known to contribute good and bad qualities for the human body. Americans should legalize marijuana because there has been no evidence that anyone has ever died of marijuana overdose, Marijuana is a safer drug than others, and Marijuana has a lower risk of addiction than most legalized drugs.

To begin with, Marijuana was first known to be discovered in China around the time of 2727 B.C. Marijuana started out being used for healthy purposes. It’s was mainly used for clothing, fiber, and medical uses. Nowadays marijuana is smoked all around the world. The issue being faced in the U.S is whether or not marijuana should be legalized. Just like with any drug there are good and bad effects about marijuana. Some Citizens in the U.S feel that the bad qualities outway the good.

First, Marijuana is a much safer drug than many already legalized drugs. For example according to the 2010 study published in the Lancet both alcohol and tobacco are much more dangerous than marijuana. Yet throughout the United States of America both are legal. In another article written by CBS News they discussed a Dr. Aaron Carroll statement in the New York Times about how alcohol is a much more dangerous drug than marijuana. He stated that the only violence associated with marijuana is in selling it not by those who consume it. Whereas in alcohol…

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