Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Should Marijuana be legalized in the UK?
Marijuana can be viewed in two ways: an addictive illegal high or a medical treatment drug. Marijuana first and foremost is an illegal drug, and can land you up to 7 years in prison just for possession or up to 14 years in prison for the supplying and production of the drug. However, marijuana is not all bad. It can be used for medical purposes (shown in certain states of the USA). Many people are unaware of this, so this leads us to the question: Marijuana; legislation or a continued ban?
Marijuana has been found to aid certain medical conditions and in the US, 23 states have legalized the use of the medical extracts from the plant. For example, ‘cannabis oil’. Glaucoma is a disease which can harm
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The recreational use of marijuana worries many people. Dating back thousands of years, to the first recorded use of marijuana it was used as an anaesthetic to numb the pain of surgeries. However progressively throughout the centuries people have found to take advantages of the initial purpose of the drug. Many methods can be used to reap the high benefits of the drug, these can be through smoking of the drug, either through cigarette like called ‘joints’ or through a ‘bong’ or ‘pipe’, which are glass-based objects. Also, marijuana is edible. Many recipes can involve marijuana to be used as a drug, which can include ‘hash brownies’, ‘marijuana gum’ and other forms. According to FRANK, marijuana is a short term high and allows the user to feel calm and chilled out. However, according to them marijuana in the long term can mess with your body. For example, it can reduce and deteriorate the growth hormones in the body. Also, in the short term can leave the user in a state of paranoia. This is what many people worry about if marijuana was to be legalized. However, it can be argued that sedatives, e.g. Nitrous oxide ‘laughing gas’, used for medical purposes i.e. removal of wisdom teeth are also similar to the short term effects of marijuana. Both users experience relaxation and in a state of euphoria. Nonetheless, these
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