Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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When it comes to controversial topics, none has stirred the “pot” more than the legalization of marijuana. It is one of the primary focuses on the War on Drugs. Many people use it recreationally. In recent years marijuana has become a medical breakthrough with a potential to treat conditions including pain and nausea caused by HIV/AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other conditions. Over the years, it has gained a tremendous amount of public support. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have already legalized the use of marijuana (Sanders, 2014). California could be next in line to legalize marijuana in 2016. It could be a matter of time before we see marijuana legal in all fifty states. The United States policy makers need to be more open-minded and understand that marijuana is not as health-threatening as they think it is, and should consider legalizing it because of its medical value and many more positive attributes. Marijuana goes by numerous names such as weed, pot, cannabis, ganja, trees, dope, mary jane, chronic, hemp, reefer, and many more. The main psychoactive component in marijuana that causes intoxication is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (Kashyap, 2014). Marijuana can be consumed orally or by inhalation. Once it has entered the body, a wave of THC is washed into the brain (Sanders, 2014). According to Lauren Sanders, author of the HighTimes article, THC attaches itself to a protein in the brain called cannabinoid receptors, which are sprinkled throughout the brain

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