Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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In this generation there is an issue with cannabis and it becoming legal. One of the biggest issues within the fight for the legalization, is the access to cannabis for recreational and medical use. About 34% percent of Americans have admitted that they used or sold cannabis while it is still considered illegal, having noted that the drug has no negative impact on their actions. Certain states have approves of the use of cannabis with limitations of amount of cannabis that can be owned, produced and sold. Laws were created to stop people from using cannabis or using it at minimal amount. This research seeks to answer the question of how does cannabis harm society and what will the benefits be if cannabis was legalized for all citizens to use as they please. By doing such research I believe the use of is beneficial to Patients that are suffering from stress or depression to have something to calm them down. Additionally, it is a good method to use of pain in the body after a long painful surgery. Cannabis has been found and proven to help those who suffer from chronic pain and the drug is use to ease up the pain that the users feels. This proves how the use of cannabis is beneficial to society by the drug binding used to heal the wounded. This proves how the use of cannabis is beneficial for both medical and recreational usage and it not harming anyone on society. Cannabis, commonly known as Weed, has been around for so many year from the early 7000 BCE till today. It was…

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