Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The word “cannabis”, most commonly known as weed, has rose the brow of Americans everywhere and has been the topic for debate for decades now. Those that oppose the use of the plant believe it is used to smoke, but there are many positive aspects which have been proven to result from its use. For example it is proven that marijuana is less dangerous to the human body than alcohol and tobacco products. As a result, most believe that the legalization of cannabis will drastically decrease the crime in our cities and form a more productive society thought its wide variety of uses. Now there is something called the “war on drugs” which deals with every level of society and every year the American government spends enormous amounts of money to fight this so called war. Some people even argue that this war has already been lost and the only way to stop the fighting altogether is to legalize cannabis. For instance, smoker, William Buckley said “pot is harmful, but people shouldn’t go to prison for smoking it”. Buckley was a college professor that admitted to smoking cannabis on a television show in 1973 and was quoted to say that there was half a million arrested in the same year. There was also a study done in the 1970s by Dr. Robert Health. This study specifically stated claims that showed brain damage in rhesus monkeys caused by cannabis but was deemed unreliable due to insufficient sample size and the misidentification of monkey’s brain structure as damaged. Eight years later,

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