Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Introduction Cannabis, regularly known as marijuana, and by various other names is a composition of the cannabis plant intended for utilization as a psychoactive medication and physiological effects. People usually think that marijuana is unhealthy drug that needs to be avoided, but is it harmful than alcohol and tobacco? In modern days, cannabis is used as a recreational or medical drug, depending on the laws provided by different states in the USA. Although marijuana faces a strong opposition, a force for its legalization is extending across the nation. However, what are the after effects if marijuana is legalized? What are the pros and cons of it being legalized? Millions of people in America continue to smoke marijuana. After alcohol and tobacco, the third most denoting activity done for enjoyment is 'Marijuana '. Marijuana is already legalized in Colorado and Washington for recreational purposes for adults, and it is legalized in another 23 states across the USA, which is just for medicinal purpose (Warner, Room, & Adalf, 2014). Marijuana should be legalized completely across the United States, as it has very less effect when compared to alcohol and tobacco. Understanding the positives and limitations of marijuana highlights the complexity for its legalization in the United States. alence of marijuana use was 25% greater in states with MMLs compared to those states without a MML (Wall et al., 2011). Addiction levels of Marijuana Marijuana addiction proves

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