Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The unjust imprisonment of American citizens with over-exaggerated jail sentences (pertaining to marijuana charges) is a very big problem in the US. I chose this topic because I had heard so many horror stories of people being sentenced at least 9-10 years on marijuana possession charges just to fill prisons, and it made me extremely upset. What angered me even more was the proof of racially motivated arrests/sentencing in many instances of unjust marijuana related arrests. While these people were “busted” for carrying marijuana and subsequently jailed for decades, rapists get out in 8-9 years on average (Sex Offender Attorney). Even more outrageous, almost all those charged with marijuana possession are sentenced/punished, while only 3 of every 100 rapists get punished for their crimes (RAINN). Also, people all over the US who are in need of medical marijuana are prosecuted for trying to obtain their medicine. While I was doing my preliminary research, I was able to come across arguments for marijuana legalization as a whole, not just because of the social injustice piece of it, which mainly piqued my interest, but for economic reasons as well. My research question is as follows: What is the economic benefit of the legalization of marijuana? How does this correlate to correcting the social injustices the criminalization of marijuana creates? The legalization of marijuana in the United States will undoubtedly yield abounding economic benefits, both from federal taxes and job…

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