Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Recreational marijuana use is an issue that affects so many lives of people over the years. Whether the user is young or old, it can still harm their health both physically and mentally, and despite the fact that people say it can help reduce or put an end to the drug war violence and thus lower down crime rates in countries like Mexico (Berlatsky, 2), meaning it would decrease the amount of violence and problems from occurring, it’s not enough to outweigh the risks of recreational marijuana on people. Basically, since marijuana has several harmful health effects like impairing your memory, respiratory problems and even cancer, behavior change, and so much more (Thompson, 1), the government should NOT legalize recreational marijuana.…show more content…
Furthermore, student users of marijuana tend not to be able to focus properly and are not aware of their surroundings, and consequently affect their education (Thompson, 4). Thus they will most likely not have a bright future at all unless they get their act together. In addition, they are most likely to not get good grades and pass their classes, and thus not graduate and drop out of school (Thompson, 4). So basically this is trying to say that not only your health is affected from recreational marijuana, but also your education and school life. Besides this, since marijuana makes a person high, like mentioned earlier, it can cause accidents, esp. if they’re driving a car. According to the Teen Health and Wellness article, “What Marijuana Does to Your Body,” it states that, “Since smoking pot makes you clumsy and uncoordinated, makes you react more slowly… the chances of getting hurt in some sort of accident increase when you’re high.” So this would mean that a marijuana user driving a car will not have a lot of awareness on the road, which can lead to car crashes, wrong turns, etc. Basically, these are some ways in which marijuana can
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