Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana is the mixture of dried, shredded flowers and leaves that comes from the hemp plant. It was brought over from Europe to North America around the 1600s. American production of hemp was encouraged by the government in the 17th century for the production of rope, sails, and clothing. Everyone thinks that marijuana is a harmful drug, but it has not been fully researched, we are still discovering new things from it every day. In the United States and around the world, scientists extract chemicals from the marijuana plant to treat certain conditions, such as children’s epilepsy (Is marijuana medicine par 8). If we legalize marijuana then we can find more medical uses from it. Even if you don’t use marijuana, you should be supporting getting it decriminalized. Decriminalizing marijuana on a Federal Level will increase state tax revenue, create more jobs, and open other business opportunities. Legalization of marijuana could save the United States an estimated $20 billion per year (McClellan par 1).
There are so many misconceptions about marijuana that a lot of people are not aware of. For example, people have always said that marijuana can cause brain cancer or smoking marijuana is worse than smoking cigarettes. Studies have shown that marijuana use has no sign of changes in the brain structure and is not associated with effects on the pulmonary function (Poindexter “12” par 7 and 11). Another misconception that people have about marijuana is that it is known as a…

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