Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The suggestions and information presented is intended for every day American voters between the ages, with families that may have psychological or physical sicknesses or diseases. Its’ purpose is to hopefully bring a new light and possible understanding to the benefits of marijuana.
Problem Statement
A large social issue that is in huge debate today on the status that marijuana should stand on. There is a lot of valid scientific information that states marijuana to be completely harmless, but even then society labels it as a “bad drug”. Recent studies have said that marijuana is harmless, and even helpful for patients suffering from the process of chemotherapy and other illnesses that are currently being treated by man-made prescription drugs. It is important for people at this point in time, to recognize the positive effects that can come from the use of marijuana.
A little background on marijuana. A more technical term for it is cannabis, and what is cannabis exactly? The American Cancer Society 2015 states that cannabis comes from the plant, which grows wild or can be grown in almost any kind of climate. There are different kind of strains and types of the plant, the indica cannabis, is the kind that gives the user a mellow, relaxed and hungry feeling. A sativa strain, is the one that many claim to get an uplifting and energetic feeling. There is one main ingredient, which is THC (delta-9 tetra hydro-cannabinol) which is the part of the plant that gives a user the “high”…

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