Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Marijuana has always been a big deal in society, ever since it has become known as a street drug. In the current year of 2016, not only citizens abuse marijuana, Celebrities, professional athletes, and college students all abuse the substance for its benefits. We are becoming more aware how recently this year that marijuana has been legalized in ten countries and twenty five states in the United States of America. That is one half of our country that is able to use this substance. By legalizing marijuana we as in the country can reduce harm, save families, save money, and most importantly save lives. The fake Time News Magazine ad that displays a visual for legalizing marijuana shows how the world is changing as a whole about legalizing marijuana. The quote “Is America Going To Pot?” is a simple direct way to show their viewer the purpose for this content. “Is America Going To Pot?” serves, the country as a whole is questioning is this the right way to go, states are legalizing it and should we continue this route. Directly below the quote, two sentences in black are displayed saying, “The battle heats up over legalizing marijuana. PLUS: The latest research on what it does to your health.” Politically and as a country as a whole, arguments about legalizing marijuana found in homes, classrooms, political debates, on TV, and etc. It’s a topic that cannot be ignored after a period of time. Due to the simplicity and how vague the visual is on which side they are on for

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