Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Some Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized but most Americans believe that marijuana should not be legalized. This is a very controversial topic but also leads into questions such as,does marijuana affect your health? Based on my research i have found that it has shown to have positive effects and also negative effects. Some negative effects is that it could give you memory loss and cause exhaustion after short periods of time. Some positive effects is that its beneficial to the body of an elderly sick patient or patients that experience various amounts of pain, such as cancer patients, or people that are dying painfully. In order for these people to be able to purchase this drug, it must first be legalized.I also think that in order for those people to be able to receive the drug they should have legal clinics where these people can access the product from. Various states around the country, more than twenty (20), have legalized the drug for medical uses only and are debating whether they should legalize it for recreational uses also. Scientist and experts have been changing their minds recently, most people have changed their minds on the drug because instead of recreational usage is controversial, others argue to it being legalized for medical use. Even though the benefits of smoking marijuana is usually over studied by people around the world on its legalization , there are new laws that will help the researchers study more in depth of the drug

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