Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Patrick Bates
Ms. Bihlmaier
English 10 CP date The Marijuana Debate
Marijuana, hemp, Mary Jane, pot, reefer, herb, kush, sticky icky, and weed. Whatever one may refer to the drug cannabis as, it is no stranger to the typical American. With support for the legalization of marijuana growing rapidly in numbers over the years, the debate over decriminalizing the drug is more important now than ever. Over 50% of Americans now support legalizing the drug. In a random Twitter survey given out, thirty five of the forty people were for the legalization of marijuana when asked, “ Do you believe marijuana should be legalized?” Many people today believe that marijuana is not as dangerous as it has been said to be. Even the president, Barrack Obama, said that he believes marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. With Colorado,Washington, and Oregon all legalizing recreational cannabis, the topic of marijuana legalization is on the minds of many Americans. No matter what side of the topic people think they lean towards, analyzing both sides is very important in making a well-informed decision. There are many people who believe in the legalization of the drug cannabis, or marijuana. These supporters believe in the medicinal use, the tax revenue it would bring in, and the positive effect it would have on our criminal justice system. It is no secret that marijuana can work wonders for all kinds of medical patients. For many seriously ill people marijuana is their only choice for a pain…

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