Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Felicia Gerlach 11/11/14 ENG 122-501 Fall 2014 Legalization of Marijuana At the beginning of the year when marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado there were a lot of concerns and complaints, most of them had to do with the children being able to access marijuana easier or being more likely to be exposed to it. For many anti-marijuana activists though there was the fear that legalizing this drug would increase the number of marijuana users, and would potentially increase crime rates; concern was raised that the number of pot users would possibly increase from the legalization, and would then lead to an unwelcome acceptance of drug using behaviors as well as drug users within the community. I have found evidence that this fear is…show more content…
Of course law enforcement officers within the state of Colorado expressed concern at the thought of Amendment 64 passing; they felt that it would bring ‘harmful consequences’. According to Matt Ferner at the Huffington Post, “Overall, property crime in the city is down by more than 11 percent from the same six-month period of 2013.” The few crimes that have escalated since legalization are a slight increase drug violations, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace; considering how non-violent these crimes are they are not enough to bring down marijuana from the platform the citizens have placed it upon. Some people still feel that with time the crime rates could rise, and feel that currently it is just getting started. Law enforcement officers point out we cannot judge the crime rates within these last few months, and say that to properly judge them it will have to be a year later to have substantial evidence one way or the other. Learning from Colorado’s decision on legalization are states like Louisiana, where law makers cannot come to an agreement on marijuana laws and the decision on whether or not they are too harsh offenders. Senator Morrell believes they could make it a misdemeanor charge to be caught with marijuana, which would be considerably less harsh than their current law- though he has met resistance on this matter. They are looking at Denver and its crime rates since legalization, and though the numbers are
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