Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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In the debate to legalize Marijuana, there are people for the legalization and there are people who are against the legalization. Before I get too far into my own side and the opinions I have to go along with it, I’m going to give you some information to help you better decide your own side. The main thing going around right now to legalize Marijuana is Prohibition 48. Prohibition 48 is the amendment to the state constitution proposed by the people of Mississippi. In my research on the subject I found that prohibition 48 is said to be the ending of Marijuana prohibition in Mississippi. This prohibition will legalize medical and recreational marijuana use. It will also follow up with growing up Marijuana and all Hemp products. Forgiveness will be given to all offenders that aren’t violent. The only thing is that recreational marijuana will be taxed and I am not particularly sure how I feel about that. According to Yes to Prohibition 48 “Proceeds from these taxes will wholly and directly benefit Mississippi schools.” The end of this prohibition will bring with it many changes to legal, economy, educational, and healthcare systems. Throughout all of my research on the subject of legalizing marijuana my opinion on the subject has grown tremendously. Marijuana will be a great contribution to our medical systems and the research that will be done on it will give way to greater medicines than we could possibly imagine. There are many people who are against the legalization of…

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