Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Whether you refer to this plant as Mary Jane, cannabis, weed, ganja, or one of the other nicknames for marijuana it is still the same. Marijuana is a plant that can be cultivated for use directly from the earth. Unlike heroin, crack, cocaine, meth, or other drugs it is a plant that doesn’t have to be synthesized or mixed with any other products to create. Many individuals look down upon the use of marijuana, let alone any discussion whatsoever about the plant. The controversy over several states legalizing the usage of the plant has built the hatred within some people’s minds while providing relief for those that wish to use it freely. There are many very ill people using marijuana as medical treatment for their sicknesses. Cancer, epileptic seizures, arthritis, gout, social anxiety disorders, insomnia, and PTSD are rumored to be lessened in severity and, in some cases, eradicated from the people suffering from these conditions. Speculation of whether these claims are true continues to run rampant as the same “haters” of the plant consider it an illegal and illicit street drug. Also, the Federal government and its officiates will not scientifically support the cases of illnesses being helped and/or cured by marijuana. First are some facts from the past that will astonish many people. Reference to cannabis dates back as far as prehistoric times and evolved into worldwide use in the present time. Most people think scientific evidence was provided showing how marijuana is

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