Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Legalize It
There was a time when talks of legalizing marijuana went largely untouched by statesmen and policymakers. It seemed that considering legalization was unpopular and that the demand for it existed only in the minds of few. In this ever-changing world, we now see the rhetoric of the matter gradually fade away. That old approach of conservatism seems to be marginalized regarding this groundbreaking social topic. With 75% of the nation expecting that marijuana will find a federal path to legality, the ability to buy, possess, and consume recreational cannabis is perfectly legal in four states. Furthermore, economists have begun to study this subject in great depth. By and large, their analysis has concluded that the nationalized legalization of cannabis would stimulate the American economy. Additionally, black-market criminals would no longer profit from the vast exploitations of the marijuana plant, while licensed growers, retailers, and consumers would all reap the positive ends. In summation, revenue from the federally-mandated legalization of marijuana would prove economically beneficial to both the federal government and domestic businesses. Legalization would, in turn, affect a number of different economic systems, but it might pose some ethical questions for the Catholic Church and other religious institutions.
First and foremost, production of nationalizing the pot industry begins with licensed growers. Currently, we have the proper infrastructure for cannabis

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