Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana Legalization From mandatory crop to illegal drug, cannabis has gone from revered to criminal in the course of United States history. Its fall from grace has been an education in mass hysteria, propaganda, market manipulation and greed. Fortunately, for those suffering debilitating medical conditions and those that wish to enjoy its euphoric effects alike, it appears that the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction. The close of the 2015 legislative session revealed a potential shift in the way the Texas legislature views the sale and use of Marijuana. While not a complete victory, two bills legalizing the use of marijuana actually made it out of committee (Savage). That is not to say that if the legislative session had continued, Texans would be lining up at dispensary doors in the near future. There are many more hurdles to overcome, but these first baby steps are at least in the right direction. In June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill allowing the use of cannabis oil for the treatment of epilepsy. While the new law is highly restrictive in who is eligible and how the program will be administered, again another step in the right direction toward complete legalization for medical and recreational use. Before any sweeping legislative changes can be approved, there are three distinct but interlinking implications for marijuana legalization which must be discussed: the medicinal legitimacy, the criminal implications of recreational use, and the…

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