Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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The legalization of marijuana is a controversial topic within today’s society. It is commonly debated upon during election time. Many states are trying to legalize marijuana, while others are firmly against it. As people in the United States vote for their political leaders, they are also voting on whether or not to support bills such as those that legalize marijuana. There are several states that have already legalized recreational use of marijuana such as Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Maine, California, Massachusetts, Nevada and the District of Columbia. Some states condone recreational use but have endorsed medical usage. A total of 27 states have medical providers that are currently prescribing marijuana to patients for a variety of medical purposes. The legalization of marijuana in Kentucky would be a tremendous mistake because it is harmful to the body, it leads to increased crime rates, it can ruin a person’s life, and legal regulation will be extremely difficult.
First of all, marijuana is an extremely harmful substance to your body. Although marijuana has utilized to help control pain, it can make you have hallucinations, increase your risk of strokes, and cause panic attacks. It has been proven to be more toxic than cigarettes. According to … Regular users are hit with devastating lung problems as much as 20 years earlier than smokers. Marijuana contains 50 to 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke. According to Cavalet 2016, smoking…

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