Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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All over the nation we are seeing economic growth due to the legalization of marijuana. In 2014 expected tax revenue from the marijuana industry is an expected $67 million just in Colorado alone. Now in Washington their government is allocating a 25% excise tax on marijuana. While in Colorado they assigned a proposition to enable a 15% excise tax, and a 10% sales tax on recreational marijuana. Marijuana is stimulating businesses all over, whether it be real estate, construction, or candy! Business owners are using the legalization of marijuana to their advantage. With the legalization of marijuana businesses like Whole Foods and The Body shop, that import an estimated 25,000 hemp product, can buy their hemp products from national distributers and sell their products at reasonable prices. Real estate agents are advertising growing areas, and candy makers are learning how to infuse THC into their products. Everyone is taking advantage of this “Green Rush”. Even the Law Enforcement agencies are seeing some more green in their pockets! (Money that is) With violent crime rate down by 5.2%, and overall crime down by 10.1% in Colorado we can really sit down and light up for the holiday season. The Colorado Center of Law and Fiscal Policy approximates that the state can save $10 - $40 million by just stopping the persecution of minor possession charges. Even tourism is experiencing a spike in revenue. The director of international marketing, Michael Driver, of The Colorado…

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