Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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There are many places where we can find marijuana successfully legalized, both by individual states here in the United States and by Federal governments abroad. I’ll start by introducing an example here in the U.S.: Colorado. On November 6, 2012, the citizens of Colorado voted in favor of Amendment 64 which allowed for the personal use and regulation of Marijuana (Ferner, 2014). Through this legislation came the Colorado Revised Statutes which regulates the medical and retail marijuana industry (Colorado Department of Revenue, 2015). These statutes outline everything from how much an entity can produce legally to the penalties involved if they don’t follow the rules. Colorado has seen great financial success from this, as it has taken in $53 million dollars in tax revenue in 2014 (Colorado Department of Revenue, 2015).
Another example, albeit a more extreme one is the country of Portugal. Portugal became the first country in Europe to remove all laws against the sale of drugs, including marijuana (Szalavitz, 2009). Instead of putting people in jail for possessing drugs, users were given the option to undergo treatment to help them quit (Szalavitz, 2009). This example of Portugal is interesting because instead of using fear to scare people from drugs, they offered health services. Supporting decriminalization of marijuana Glenn Greenwald (2009) explains, “The data show that, judged by…

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