Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Five territories in the United States; Colorado and Washington in 2012, with Oregon, Alaska and Washington D.C. quickly following their example, have already found substantial evidence to support the legalization of marijuana. I absolutely agree with the legislation passed in these areas making the use of marijuana legal, so long as it is sold and regulated by the government in a similar fashion to alcohol and tobacco. Like tobacco and alcohol there should only be certain settings in which it is acceptable to engage in such activities. The use of marijuana as a medicinal drug is absolutely agreeable because it can help so many who cannot find relief from their disorders through any other means, but the recreational use would also have a number of positive effects on America as a whole. By decriminalizing the use of marijuana will bring a large flow of money as well as create jobs for the American people as a whole. Use of marijuana no longer being a punishable offense would free up precious space that is currently occupied in prisons, it would also allow police officers to spend more of their time pursuing more serious offenders. Allowing the use of marijuana for recreational use would also make access for medicinal reasons easier. People who can benefit from the use of marijuana include patients with Crohn’s disease, PTSD, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis, by decriminalizing this drug it would mean these people are no longer discriminated against. By legalizing, we could

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