Should Marijuana Be More Dangerous Than Drinking Alcohol?

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Pineapple Express, Friday, Friday After Next, and How High are a few movies that have given marijuana a negative and exaggerated point of view. These movies and other types of advertisements give the audience the exaggerate idea that marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. In today’s society we see alcohol ads containing fit people drinking alcohol during special occasions or even sipping it by the beach having a great time, making alcohol look amazing. These two different perspectives have given people the idea that smoking marijuana is more dangerous than drinking alcohol. Though we know that alcohol and marijuana are both bad for the human body, they also have some positive impact. Though these two substances have some positive impacts to the body once consumed, it has been shown that marijuana has a more positive impact to the human body when compared to alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most used and misused drugs and over consuming it is very dangerous to the body, but what are its effects when consumed at rational levels. When consumed in reasonable levels, alcohol has some positive impacts to the body. Cynthia Kuhn (PhD) a professor of pharmacology, Scott Swartzwelder (PhD) a professor of psychiatry and Wilkie Wilson (PhD) a professor of prevention science at Duke University, wrote in their book “Buzzed” that people drink alcohol for “the feeling of relaxation that accompanies an occasional drink of alcohol”(Kuhn 66). These occasional drink “…can help to reduce

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