Should Marijuana Be Treated With Proper Care?

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I found this week’s documentary to be very informative and powerful. The video opened my eyes to the way in which people view marijuana versus other drugs and the stereotypes they have related to drug users. The video also demonstrated that many individuals do not see marijuana users as real addicts or as the stereotypical “addict”. Most people view marijuana use as less serious and as a second-class drug problem. I believe that those who have a problem whether it is with drugs, alcohol, or any other addictions should be treated with proper care. It is not a joke to have addictive behaviors and these can ultimately lead to destroying ones life or even death. The DSM explains, substance dependence as a maladaptive pattern of substance use, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress within a 12-month period and describes the criteria list for this as having 3 out of 7 detailed symptoms (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). This videos raised my awareness of this problem within our society. I believe having this awareness is important because we all make our own misconceptions and have preconceived notions of certain people and ideas. This video really takes a closer look at something that many of us rarely even considered, which is our own bias and cultural influences. I believe this is important to be mindful of and that it can open the eyes of many people in our society. I believe it is very important to keep this concept in mind during this course and in
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