Should Marijuana Laws Be Banned?

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We see cannabis on the news all the time nowadays, whether it’s about the new dispensaries that have just opened up in Denver or someone that has eaten one too many weed brownies. Ever since Amendment 64 had been passed in the state of Colorado, it is legal for patients who are 21 and older. Although scientists have done a good job testing cannabis oils, extracts, etc, there still needs to be better testing on patients and some stricter laws and regulations in the state. According to “Marijuana Laws in Colorado”, “any adult is allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, but non-residents can’t purchase more than 7 grams in a single transaction.” Even though this has been a law set in stone, there are still ways around this. Law enforcers and higher-end people in the industry need to start cracking down and making this marijuana experience as safe and beneficial as can be. Cannabis has always had a bad wrap. It is looked down upon by most people because of what society has made it out to be like. A lot of the common terms you hear about for cannabis might be “weed”, “dope”, “chronic”, and “kush”. Cannabidiol or more commonly known as “CBD” is the component inside marijuana that has the positive effects on people. These effects help with anxiety, depression, restlessness, chronic pain, and can cure the spread of cancer and glaucoma (Loria 1). Cannabis can also come in many different kinds of forms like edibles, which are different foods infused with the…
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