Should Marijuana Laws Be Banned?

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We see cannabis on the news all the time nowadays, whether it’s about the new dispensaries that have just opened up in Denver or someone that has eaten one too many weed brownies. Ever since Amendment 64 had been passed in the state of Colorado, it is legal for patients who are 21 and older. Although scientists have done a good job testing cannabis oils, extracts, etc, there still needs to be better testing on patients and some stricter laws and regulations in the state. According to “Marijuana Laws in Colorado”, “any adult is allowed to possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, but non-residents can’t purchase more than 7 grams in a single transaction.” Even though this has been a law set in stone, there are still ways around…show more content…
There are also soaps and lotions that have hemp in it from the plant that sooths the skin and creates an ease of pain on joints and the body itself. But with all of these benefits from cannabis, there has to be some lines that can’t be crossed. A lot of people affiliate cannabis with “drugs” because in fact, it is still a drug, despite a lot of the positive effects. Cannabis and marijuana isn’t addictive in itself, but the high it gives off can actually be very addictive. From being an avid smoker with cannabis, it can change the perception of the way people view the world and others. It’s very complex to explain, but it’s true. The way you perceive things in life is altered, in a sense. The ideas and thoughts you once had when you were sober are totally different than when you were sober before smoking. It truly can change a person with time. It also affects your sensory distortion, give you more anxiety in fact, affect your hand eye coordination, and with time, can cause growth disorders and reduced sexual capacity. Not to mention that you’re still partaking in the physical act of smoking by hurting your lungs more and more with time. The cannabis movement has been historic in Colorado, being legal in 23 states already and still slowly growing. With this huge change in laws and taxes, you can’t help but to wonder, how much is too much? There are over 800 dispensaries in Colorado today, but do they
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