Should Marijuana Legalization Be Legal?

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Marijuana Legalization Marijuana legalization is an issue that the United States is currently facing. Through all branches and aspects of government, the concept of marijuana legalization can be applied and understood. In order to better frame the policy issue, the policy should be viewed through different lenses and all aspects of government. In this essay, it will be shown how marijuana legalization truly incorporates all areas of government interest. First, the politics of marijuana legalization are clear, because people place values on marijuana legalization and the government can assign that value. Normally, the government figures out how to assign value based on compromise. Nevertheless, the American public is currently watching their elected representatives move farther away from each other and changing very little. An interesting compromise would be something such as decriminalization of marijuana, which would offer great ground for people pro legalization and people against legalization. However, there is no compromise as both sides believe they are in a prisoner’s dilemma, because both sides fear being taken advantage of. Since the two sides of the issue are scared to budge in fear of the other gaining ground, polarization is occurring and progress is becoming hard to find. Marijuana legalization becomes an issue of federalism because the constitution does not enumerate powers to the federal government to deal with it. This has led to both the federal government
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