Should Marijuana Use Among Teens?

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In a recent study conducted by Metlife and The Partnership at, it was discovered that high school students have begun to use marijuana on a daily basis more frequently than alcohol (National Study, 2012). What had once been viewed as a “dangerous drug” is now being viewed as “normalized behavior” (National Study, 2012). While the perception of marijuana among teens may change, the effects remain the same. Studies have shown that marijuana use among teens can have negative effects on adolescent’s developing brain. Those negative effects can include long- term cognitive impairment and an increased risk for severe psychiatric disorders. Those who begin to use marijuana in the preadolescent stage, are at greater risk for developing severe deficits such as schizophrenia, attention deficit disorders, as well a drop in IQ. Although there are many programs out there whose focus is to prevent marijuana use among teens, more must be done.
Like alcohol, Marijuana has experienced extreme ends on social acceptance and rejection. Although we now have a better understanding on its effects, there continues to be an increase in use. Today, nearly 41% of people in the United States have admitted to using marijuana at least once in their life (CDC, 2014). Those who have tried it, have different views on their experience. Some marijuana users claim it provides a calming, euphoric effect, while others describe their episode as being panic and anxiety ridden. While peoples personal…
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