Should Marijuana be Legalized

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You haven’t right. You have however heard of someone dying from Alcohol, whether it be from poisoning, drunk driving, etc. Marijuana has been used for 10,000 years and hasn’t had one recorded death EVER(Online Debate)! Alcohol has been used since 4000 B.C.E , and it kills 2.5 Million people every year worldwide (World Health Organization). That’s 10 Billion deaths ever since Alcohol has been used! Yet Marijuana is the drug that is illegal. Should Marijuana be illegal? NO. It has more benefits than the downfalls, but some people think that these downfalls are more important than benefits.
Some of those benefits are getting the country out of debt, the medical benefits, and that its FAR less harmful than Alcohol. These are just a handful of reasons but benefits of these are so good that it’s almost enough to overpower the downfalls. Marijuana could get this country out of debt. “ Regulating and taxing Marijuana will bring in much needed revenue that states coffers.” (US News) If the government were to legalize Marijuana in every state for medical, and recreational use, then tax it (like they do to cigarettes and alcohol) it could possibly bring in 578 Million dollars in sales revenue alone! Along with 67 million dollars in tax revenue! Which put together could bring in about 645 Million dollars IN THE FIRST YEAR! (Policymic) Now some people might say that “Marijuana makes people lazy and then…

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