Should Marijuana be Legalized? Essay

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Weed, bud, ganja, chronic, dro, herbs, grass, trees, pot, reefer; these are all names of the one drug that causes so much dispute, marijuana. Loved by so many, and hated by the law. It’s a two sided argument which everyone has their own opinion on. Is there any specific reason why weed should be illegal, or is the government just making money from catching people with it? Is there any real medical purpose for marijuana, or is it just a gateway drug for kids? These are the questions everyone should know the answers to. Whose side are you on? First, when trying to decide what you think about the legalization of marijuana, you need to stop to listen, and actually understand where each side of the argument is coming from.…show more content…
Marijuana just relaxes you and is just something to make you feel better; it does not make people act stupid. Young people that get caught with marijuana ruin their record and often get stuck in the system with no way out except to continue living lives of crime instead of turning their lives around.” The people all for the legalization of marijuana might say something like that, but like every argument, there are always two sides. The people against the legalization of marijuana and that are fighting for marijuana to remain legal, argue, “Marijuana is a gateway drug and it leads to the use of harder, more serious drugs, and marijuana is often the cause of drug addiction. There would more people driving high on weed, which would result in more accidents and traffic offenses, especially among the youth. The drug marijuana is just not right and it was not made to be smoked by humans or used to get high. If marijuana is legal, then there is more likely a chance that kids will start using it at a younger age because it will be easier to obtain. Marijuana is just unhealthy, and physically, not good for your body. It doesn’t serve a great or accepted medical purpose. With marijuana illegal, the country can keep all the drug users and criminals off of the streets.” These are some of the arguments that some people fight for against the legalization of

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