Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal?

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“Do the benefits of using medical marijuana for chronic pain outweigh the risks?" Medical Marijuana is a topic we have all heard a couple of times in the past years. It has been a debatable topic since there seems to be a lot of opinions on what should be and shouldn’t be legal. Some say its benefits outweigh anything else, and some others state that there is a hazard involved with this drug. There are studies on both sides of the question that demonstrate what appear to be clear benefits for medical marijuana, as well as long-term studies which suggest a number of risks involved with its use. Even though Marijuana carries several side effects to its user, do the benefits of using Marijuana for pain management outweigh the risks? The main questions I will be addressing in this research essay are: 1. Is there any medical health benefits associated with medical marijuana? 2. What medical conditions qualify for a medical marijuana license? 3. Is medical marijuana harmful? It is well known how marijuana as a medical treatment dates back as far as five thousand years ago. Different ancient civilizations have been found to use medical marijuana as a medical treatment dating all the way back to 8000 B.C. The Chinese emperor Shen-Nung was a firm believer of the plant, he was known to prescribe marijuana in tea as a treatment for various conditions like rheumatism, and poor memory to many people (Bostwick 173). Other notable civilizations who used the plant included the

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