Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal?

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Today’s society is unique to any times in history. From the legalization of gay marriage, to our increased national security of USA PATRIOT act, we see a high contrast on personal rights as a citizen of the united states. Recently, an increasingly debated topic on marijuana legalization is widely argued. Whether it’s for medical or recreational usages, this topic is reaching boiling point. The complicity on the legalities of marijuana has reached a point in society where legal usage has been popping up across the country. In the medical sector, studies have shown benefits, and harmful effects in patients. Some physicians support, however some physicians do see health concerns that influence their stance on whether medical marijuana laws are to be altered from a prior state. Addiction rate, health impact, reason to prescribe, and economic benefits are all factors needed to take into reason whether medical marijuana usage should be prescribed or not. Medically prescribed marijuana can treat symptoms of certain conditions and diseases, however can impact the mental health and be addictive to heavy users. In this explorative essay, topics on both sides of the argument will be expressed, background information will be added to provide context, and will be unbiased to shed light on the depth of the topic. The legalization of medical marijuana is a heavy topic, and legal aspects are central to its debate. Despite the potential health benefits of medical marijuana, new…

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