Should Minimum Wage Be Paid?

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Donald Trump, the favorite candidate for this years election, recently claimed that wages are too high in America. One may wonder if he was lost in some sort of day dream or maybe he was talking about his own wages? As someone who has never had to worry about money, considering his families wealthy background, how would he possibly know what its like to live barely get by living off the federal minimum wage? Consider someone who is able to work a full time job being paid minimum wage, after taxes are taken out of their paycheck they would be looking at approximately a $13,000 salary per year. $12,000 is the poverty line in America for an individual. This is the life of a working class citizen in America. Constantly struggling to pay the bills and having to worry about how they are going to feed their children every week. The numbers show that minimum wage is clearly not sufficient to sustain a normal way of life and a raise would not only benefit millions of americans lives but also boost the economy.

Wealthy people in America are incapable of understanding the fact that the actual minimum wage, after being adjusted for inflation has continued to fall in the past 50 years. After adjusting for inflation the calculated minimum wage of the late 60’s would be $10.90, which is significantly more than todays $7.25. The unemployment rate of 1969 was 3.5 percent compared to today’s unemployment rate of 5 percent. So that alone lays to rest all the arguments claiming that a higher…

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