Should Minors Be Able To Drink Alcohol At Home Research Paper

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Should minors be able to drink alcohol at their home with their parent consent? In a home it is completely the parents choice to let their child drink or not. Being able to drink at a child's home does not cause a sean or do anything in public. If a parent does not believe that it's okay for a child to drink then it’s their choice not anyone else's.
I believe that child should be able to drink and consume alcohol if they stay at their own house and does not have any access to keys and is demanded by parents to stay at the house. I think it would be fun at underage kids to drink with their parents, learn how to drink responsibly, and know when to stop and when you're still okay to keep drinking.
It’s better to have a parent show you how to drink than a friend because that friend may have a better alcohol tolerance. Rather your parents could teach you how and limit to what you have and how much you have. I think it would be less likely for kid to go off and drink without their parent knowing, because if the parent taught them how to drink it would be easier on the parent knowing they taught them their limits and such.
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Nearly 45% of the minors in the united states have had alcohol within the last month, free from home.
In conclusion, is it okay for a minor to not drink? That’s not for me to decide, that's for a household to decide and have a sit down talk child to parent about how to drink and do it responsibly. Not to drive while being consumed with alcohol. I believe it’s 100% okay for a adult parent to teach a minor how to
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