Should Multiculturalism Be Beneficial For Australians?

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Multiculturalism is acceptance of different cultural traditions of people from other countries in your country. Before Multiculturalism hit Australia they are very strict with non-European people because they wanted to preserve their British ethno-cultural identity, they implemented a law called “White Australia Policy” which restricts immigration for non-Europeans and limits cultural and ethnic diversity of immigrants which lasted from 1901 to 1973. But after the policy ended, around the 70’s also refugees have started to arrive and this have started the Multiculturalism Policy and today Australia now is one of the most multicultural and diverse countries with more than 200 languages spoken with English being the most common language used. Now is Multiculturalism be beneficial for Australians?

A good thing about Australian Multiculturalism is mutual respect, this is according to a 2011 Sydney Morning Herald article by Chris Bowen, he states what makes Australian Great he gave the 3 elements which it’s still pinned down by Australian Cultural values, theirs is Citizenship based which means Immigrants will get full benefits of the Australian Society, and Political Bi-partisanship specifically on its creation with Al Grassby having a desire to bring this policy to Malcolm Fraser making it a official Policy. Furthermore Australia’s Multiculturalism is different before Australia’s Immigration policy is originally driven by economic imperatives but now the government
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