Should Music Programs Be Allowed?

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Music is something that many people can easily get lost in, whether it is listening to it or playing it. One thing that no one thinks about often is the amount of funding that is actually given to the music programs, even the ones in Arizona. For some people, music is their world and for others, it is a source of relaxation. If the music programs in Arizona do not receive an adequate amount of funding, people will no longer be able to benefit from all the great things that happen within the program, such as scholarships. The music programs in Arizona deserve more funding than they are receiving now because the programs help improve academics, they promote motivation throughout life and they are necessary for many people in the world, even…show more content…
Music programs can even help round out an education or some. “93% of Americans consider the arts to be vital to providing a well- rounded education for children and a critical link to learning and success” (Flowers, Klatzer and Pacheco). Without the proper amount of funding that a music program in Arizona needs, people will not be able to achieve the same amount of academic success as a music program that does receive a proper amount of funding. Another important factor in music programs is that they promote motivation within people. It is almost as if a sense of accomplishment is felt when one becomes proficient in what they are doing. People in music programs even get motivated to gain skills, such as people skills. “The gaining of people skills is necessary to collaborate with a group” (Catterall). People can be motivated in many different ways, some people just get motivated within “Links to the fundamental elements of emotional and motivational regulation help to account for the close ties that music has with the sense of self. An individual’s concept of his or her musical self-summarizes and integrates the various elements of emotional and motivational regulation into a coherent whole” (Doucette et. al 95). Motivation is something that has to be felt within, not just on the surface. “Music programs helped give a deeper understanding of human behavior, motivation, diversity,
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