Should Not Be A Social Norm?

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Should not being obesity How many obese individuals do you see a day on the street? How do you think if overweight consider be a petty group as our future social norm? There are many serious health issues in our society. Today, obesity is one of the most popular diseases in America. Being overweight is usually a warning sign that people could be on their way to becoming obesity. According to Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention report, the most recent national data shows more than 35 percentage of America adult population was obese in 2009–2010. Overall, adults aged 60 and over were more likely to be obese than younger adults. However, there has been no change in obesity prevalence in recent years and over the last decade there has been a significant increase in obesity prevalence among men and boys but not among women and girls. (Hyattsville, MD. 2012) This Statistics reveals that we should raise public awareness of obesity and we should stop being obesity because obesity is a critical risk to affecting public health problem. However, obesity is a linking with physical, mental, and social as an amount of negative health issues to damage our life. First of all, people have obesity is indeed increase risk for developing chronic diseases and the other health problems. Obesity can be defined as an excessive accumulation of body fat that hurting human body and excess weight is the cause of more illness than virtually any other medical
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