Should Nuclear Energy Be Produced Or Not?

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Should nuclear energy be produced or not?
Worlds energy consumption has significantly increased in the 21 century and governments are looking for new and more sufficient sources of energy. Nuclear energy has drawn the global attention to itself recently. Nuclear energy is source of energy generated by breaking uranium atoms and releasing extremely large amount of energy (NEA 2014) (ENEC 2011). However, the question of should nuclear power be used or not arises when the worlds energy consumption is increasing at a significant rate. Some sources illustrate that nuclear power produces perilous radiations and it has harmful impacts on the environment and health while other sources claim that nuclear energy is not as dangerous as man-made radiations and it can be economically beneficial as it improves global employment infrastructures. An interpretation on both points of view clearly shows that nuclear energy should not be produed as the drawbacks of consumption of this type of energy overcomes the benefits.
Accepting nuclear power as a valuable source of energy is impossible because usage of this source of energy can cause catastrophic issues. The first issue is that as the nuclear power plant operates to produce electricity, some extremely toxic materials are produced which are broken uranium pieces (Energy 2014). This means that inside the nuclear plant, uranium atoms are broken down by means of energy production but those broken pieces are intensely more radioactive than the…

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