Should Obese People Have Higher Premiums. “Today We Have

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Should obese people have higher premiums “Today we have a health insurance industry where the first and foremost goal is to maximize profits for shareholders and CEOs, not to cover patients who have fallen ill or to compensate doctors and hospitals for their services. It is an industry that is increasingly concentrated and where Americans are paying more to receive less.” (Feinstein) Obese adults shouldn’t pay for higher premiums because it’s not equal everybody should pay the same amount of health care, the government shouldn’t be allowed to control people 's lifestyles, and thin people can have as many diseases and health problems as obese people. An insurance premium is the amount of money that an individual or business must pay for an…show more content…
Thin people can get just as many diseases or health problems. Think of all the women who get breast cancer. Are they obese? No, of course not. How about men who get prostate cancer. Are they obese also? Absolutely not. Some people who are obese never get sick. To make people pay more for insurance over other people is discrimination to this world. There are thin people who have high risk behavior or have family histories that will cause them to develop medical problems. But because their BMI is normal their premiums are less. I don 't know many adults. Especially women, who have a BMI in the normal range. It is not an accurate indicator of good health. BMI is not perfect but it does give a relatively good indication for weight. People confuse overweight with obese. Obese is a BMI over 30 with some wiggle room for build. I would put a cut off after BMI 37 for so. Most people have no idea and don 't want to hear that the majority of their health problems are due to being tremendously overweight. We are not talking about losing 20-40 pounds. It 's estimated that 65% or more of health problems and many of them the most common are a direct cause of being obese or morbidly obese, not overweight.(Should obese people have higher health insurance) The only way to try to get costs down is offering incentive for being healthy. This regulation as a punishment should be implemented because it
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