Should Obese People Pay Higher Health Insurance Premiums Than People Who Are Not Obese?

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Writing Assignment #3: Should obese people pay higher health insurance premiums than people who are not obese? - Rishard Rheyas Obesity has become a serious problem with more than one third of adults being obese in the United States. Obesity is seen as a self-destructive behavior accompanied with smoking and use of other drugs thus, government officials and other business bureaucrats expressed the need to impose higher health insurance premiums on the obese. Obesity is not always due to the personal behavior of people and can be linked with the environment and genetics; I personally feel that obese people should not pay a higher health insurance premium compared to those that aren’t. Government officials and other business bureaucrats…show more content…
David Zinckenko argues in his article “don’t blame the eater”, that it is a matter of personal responsibility but can sympathize with the obese individuals as there is a lack of alternatives and information regarding fast food consumption. Society in the United States has raised concern about healthy diets, providing alternatives sources of food but unfortunately at a cost. The increased cost for a healthy diet dissuades teenagers from eating healthier food thus without a change of environment it can result in a lifetime of obesity. David Zinckenko briefly brings in the comparison with the automobile industry. The automobile insurance is significantly high for most high end vehicles and also for the younger generation. This is mainly because the higher end vehicles have a certain type of brand value and reputation as with certain big health insurance companies. The youth are charged higher automobile insurance as they are more prone to accidents as suggested with smokers and obese individuals with diseases. The government and other respective officials imposing this would mean that obesity is termed a disease which would force individuals to try to become thinner. This could lead to dangerous diseases such as anorexia. The difference is mainly because health insurance has a closer link to our economy and human life as compared to automobile insurance. Individuals should be given rights to decide what they would like as with the automobile insurance wherein
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