Should Odysseus Be Judged for His Violence Towards the Suitors?

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The great tactician Odysseus is a strong and noble leader. He is very smart and uses his swave intellect to escape many dangerous and tough situations. As well he is a convincing speaker and can convince who he is talking to do his bidding. He is a strong willed man and now that he is home from his 20 year treacherous journey, he wants to be happy with his wife and finally learn what a great man his son had become. The suitors have been in Odysseus kingdom for about the last 10 years, eating his food, drinking his wine, killing his livestock, and most importantly, badgering his queen, Penelope, into marrying them he has every right to kill every last one of them. The head suitor, Antinous, is an arrogant man who annoys Penelope.…show more content…
Odysseus and his maids are expected to be hospitable to the suitors but they disobeyed the rules and went overboard. This was tyrannical of the suitors because you are suppose to eat, drink, rest, explain who you are and why you are there, and if there are no other issues go and do your own business not stay for 10 years and try to marry the queen in hopes that her husband will not come back or is dead and her son will die out at sea or will be killed by them. Another reason is because the suitors were all wealthy people, not old run down soldiers looking for a first meal in a week. In addition to having the justification in order to kill the suitors he also was justified to kill the maids. All they did was aide the suitors. They fed them to no end and this is not what their master would want them do to. They made no effort to get the suitors out of the house. This is why Odysseus was justified to kill them. Yes it was harsh for Odysseus to brutally kill all of the maids and suitors but they deserved it. The maids treated the suitors like they were kings and obeyed their every desire which is not what their king would want of them. The suitors disobeyed the rules of hospitality and on top of that attempt to murder his son and marry his wife. They were slobs and got what they

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