Should Organic Food Is Healthy?

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The main idea of this contemporary argumentative article is basically about if organic food is healthy/better for you to eat, and does it feel better to eat it. the article is by a man named Mark Bittman. In this article written by him, he does have the authority to argue this topic because the author is a cook. he has cookbooks, he was a judge on the food network television show “chopped” and he also has experience on the “Todays Show and NPR” In this article Bittman uses evidence that is a little too old. (On page 323) it states, “A Harris poll in October 2007 found that about 30 percent of Americans buy organic food at least on occasion, and most think that it is safer, better for the environment and that it is healthier.” The evidence is from October 2007 and we are currently in October of year 2015. The evidence is 8 years old. This being said there could have been another poll that was recent to change the percentage of what was said in the article. Bittman also uses a person thoughts on organic food. (On page 325), Marion Nestle says “it may feel better to eat an organic oreo rather than a conventional oreo.” Marion is a professor a New York University’s Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and public Health. When he added what she said into his article, I realized that Marion was only speaking for herself and not for others. There wasn’t a survey taken from random people to see if it feels and taste better for them to eat an organic oreo rather than a

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