Should Our Democracy Let Syrian Immigrants Into The United States?

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Should our democracy let Syrian Immigrants into the United States? Four years ago, a civil war erupted in Syria after President Assad’s security forces fired into a group of peaceful protester, killing several of them (Syria), and starting a conflict that has rocked the stability of the world today. Now, as we go into the beginning of 2016, the world faces a refugee crisis unlike any other, and pressure is being put on many of the the world powers to give Syrian refugees a safe haven inside their countries. However, with taking in these refugees comes risk. America has always been a beacon for immigrants of all races and ethnicities for ages, but with the rise of a new terrorist group, with an obvious vendetta against America, the United States is having a difficult time determining whether or not it is safe to let these refugees into the country. Americans are faced with a decision. We can close ranks and turn helpless people away out of fear, leaving them to die or suffer some other unknown horrible fate, or we can put our fear aside and embrace these people with open yet cautious arms. Over the past four years, the situation within the Syria has become more and more dangerous. As many as 6.7 million people, have been displaced from their homes within the country alone. Another 4 million have fled the country entirely, in order to get away from the incessant fighting. An estimated 200,000 people have been killed over the course of the war, but the country is so
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