Should Parents Be Allowed to Spank Their Children

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Should Parents Be Allowed To Spank Their Children?
The inhuman act of corporal punishment at home that is discouraged globally by a number of pressure groups and social welfare organizations should be completely banned, and parents should be allowed to spank their children. Physical violence practiced on children also known as corporal punishment has been discouraged globally by a number of pressure groups and social organizations for a number of reasons with serious consequences for violators. In this paper, I will examine the arguments for and the arguments against corporal punishment explaining why I support my thesis.
Firstly, Corporal punishment and violence at homes lower a child’s self esteem. Physical violence practiced on a
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However, very few sources support this theory as more sources support the opposite that corporal punishment and spanking is wrong, because there are more disadvantages than advantages of spanking and therefore in such cases the arguments against corporal punishment outweigh the arguments for corporal punishment and the advantages of such a concept become negligible.
Advocates of corporal punishment have suggested that a child who is spanked during childhood is usually better behaved than one whose parents don’t believe in spanking their children. Although, logically this theory may be sensible, but in the long run it isn’t practical. If parents have such an austere attitude in raising their children it is likely that such parents will never be able to develop an ideal relationship with their children. Also, this theory has again been acclaimed by very few sources, and eventually in this case the arguments against corporal punishment will outweigh such an argument that supports corporal punishment making it neglible.
Therefore, after critically analyzing and evaluating the thesis of this paper and all the arguments for and refuting the arguments against it, I agree with the claim that corporal punishment at home, school or any other
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