Should Parents Be Responsible For Their Children Being Obese?

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Eating in America America is known as one of the unhealthiest, obese countries in the world. As a citizen of the United States I would have to agree. We are constantly eating out and super sizing are meals and losing all sense of what a healthy diet means and this has become a very big problem for young children and adults. Would everyone agree to this fact? I believe not. It has come down to convenience for some people to grab something to eat thru a drive thru restaurant instead of cooking a home cooked meal. People are stating that they are happy with whom they are and yet I feel passing on to their children their bad eating habits. Should parents be responsible for their children being obese? We need to teach our children better. Would one agree with the saying, “You are what you eat”? The way the majority of Americans eat is unhealthy, everywhere you look there is a fast food restaurant on every corner and the obesity rate in America is much higher than any other country. The percentages of American children and teens have doubled in the last decade. Two-thirds of adults in this country are either overweight or obese and at least 300,000 Americans die each year from obese related diseases such as diabetes, Heart disease, Cardiomyopathy, Respiratory disorders, Hypertension, and Sleep apnea. The United States food industry aggressively markets high-fat, high-sugar, super sized foods. We are advertising to drive are cars more than walking in today’s society. Schools are
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