Should Parents Get License For Children Research Paper

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Everyone has been at a friends house and seen how their parents do things differently than yours. All parents have different techniques when it comes to raising their children ,but these differences have led to neglect and horribly behaved children. I believe parents should be required to get a license because it can establish a healthy bond between a child and their parent ,help poverty stricken families ,and later build a better future for kids. One reason parents should get a license is because it would result in a healthy bond between parents and their children. When someone gets a license before childbirth they will already know how to raise their child correctly so that the child grows up feeling loved by their parents and have a better…show more content…
If parents get a license they will have the knowledge of handling discipline .With this, kids will not misbehave at school or at home knowing that their actions have consequences. “ Your child will catch on faster,resist less and ultimately behave better.’’ (The surprising secret to raising a well behaved kid,Robin Westen) This means, if a parent gets the license before childbirth and teach their child early they will be better behaved . People opposing the license may say that people have different ways of raising their children and have a right to raise them the way they wish to, but kids can grow up not knowing right from wrong with these different parenting methods. In addition ,better children result in an increase in public safety ,since troubled kids are no longer roaming the streets. Another reason it will result in a better future is because it will reduce child abuse. If someone is abused as a child they are more likely to become abusers themselves. ‘’Parents play a major role in how our children turn out.’’(Parents are powerful role models for children, Karen Stephens) This means most kids grow up like their parents based on their childhood. This better future will also allow students to do better at school if they have proper training. This would happen because the child will not worry about going home to an abusive family , instead they will care about how they are doing in school and about continuing their education. This could also result in a safe school environment. With that said, all parents should get a license so that the child is benefitted. Requiring all parents to get a license will reduce child abuse ,help poor families,build a better foundation for education and parents would have a healthy bond with their children and help them
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