Should Parents Limit the Amount of Time Children Spend Watching Television?

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There is presently much controversy regarding children and the amount of time they spend watching TV, playing computer games and using social platforms. Most parents fail to comprehend that it is very probable for their children to be negatively affected as a result of using such devices. Moreover, tutors are inclined to believe that it is best for their children to adopt such behaviors when considering that this keeps them away from criminal environments and from hanging out with the wrong crowds in general. As it became natural for children to be born and to grow up in front of a screen parents have become less and less experienced in handling their children's time. "Once solely television based, these screen media have now evolved to be digital, interactive, pervasive, and increasingly under the control of those who use them" (Calvert & Wilson 1). Concomitantly, parents are inclined to refrain from getting involved in filtering the information that their children access because they believe that it is only normal for them to be acquainted with information that they are interested in. Technology has made it possible for children to access a series of programs through devices like computers, game consoles, and phones. This means that these children grow up in a world dominated by technology and where one puts across socially unacceptable behavior by acting in disagreement with their unwritten laws. In order to be able to integrate society properly a child needs to be
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