Should Parents Spank Their Children?

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Should parents spank their children?

Miguel Tello


Shawn Parker

Nov 24, 2015

Corporal Punishment is a controversial topic that is influence by religion, values, upbringings etc. What parents do not realize is that it can have great outcomes in whether you practice it or not. One thing is certain, physical abuse is not always the answer. People should take a second and evaluate there parenting skills. Whether they are going to give positive reinforcement or is it based on anger and a quick silence that may satisfy briefly. Physical abuse is noticeable, but deep down a psychological abuse might be of more abuse. Children are developing and learning about life. What sort of values and behavioral does corporal punishment teach. Aggression, anger, despite, bitterness is what punishment enforces. Children need love affection and a good teacher to learn from to feel love, compassion, and trust to feel happy. There are other types of punishment that will catch children’s attention and at no physical abuse.

Should parents spank their children?
Corporal punishment or spanking does not only hurt physically but can lead to emotional and behavioral problems down the road for children. When parents spank children they are using the notion of fear to teach them what not to do, but it does not explain what is right when it comes to appropriate behaviors. In addition, children learn that when they…
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