Should Parents Spend Time For The Right?

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In America, college is highly regarded as one of the more important periods in the average person’s life. Lot of people find their partners in life, friends that will stick through their adult life, try new things, and find mentors that can change how they think. According to Van Thompson attorney and writer for Demand Media, 68.3% of high school graduates enrolled in college in 2011. With this amount of young and impressionable people enrolling every year, one has to ask. Why do most people feel that they need to go to college? And more importantly, are we enrolling for the right reasons? It would be fair to assume that one’s upbringing plays a major role in deciding on whether or not they should enroll. Parents spend time teaching their children various things, and being involved in important life decisions. While this can make a difference in one’s decision for various reasons; such as if the prospective student is of color, low-income, or the first of the family to consider the option of a higher education. Data has indicated that for a majority of students, when it comes time to decide if enrollment is right for the individual, parental influence is not a major contributor to a decision. In fact, less than half of students ranked their parents wanting them to go to college as an important deciding factor (College Decisions Survey: Deciding to Go to College). It is worth mentioning that the exception to this could be first generation college students. Even though the
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